Saturday, January 28, 2012


rajesh hamal is the best actor in Bollywood he born in 1959jun,9 misson hospital palpa his nick name bom bam bahadur hamal rajesh hamal studied at st.xavier secondary school tillthe 8 grade.rajesh hamal complicated his m.a inenglish from punjab  university india he is the most educated and professional actor of nepalese movie industry rajesh hamal is his college years first moleded for fashion net an indian magazine in 1985.he walked the ramp in kathmandu and new delhi in1986. he started his career with the movie ''YUG DEKHI YUG SAMMA'' ''in 1990.a film made by his uncle initally his parents were disappointed with his career choice. he is considered of prominent  bringing professionaism in the nepali movie industruy.rajesh hamal likes to watch the news on b.b.c, c.n.n and other news chanel and read nonfixtion book and biography rajesh hamal;spet dog is named ''johnny''depp as captain jack sparrow as of july 2011 the dog has been missing and is presumed dead


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