Tuesday, January 31, 2012


bhuwan k.c is born23 august 1957 kathmandu nepal bhuwan k.cis the nepali film actor and producer. he has acted in more than a hundred film indluding some foregen film in his film in his career ofalmost 30 years nepali babu is one of his hit films. are samjhana ,kusume rumal saino dakshina, kanyadan,celebriti and juni etc 2011bhuwan k.c was beaten by his girlfriend sarmila dongol she her husband after the incident sarmila's husband ratna sing dongol had told that sarmila is all set to marrybhuwan k.c and has sent divorce paper to eatna sing he is the only one actor enrolled with more contoversial issues and seandals.there was a king of rumor that he had ''HIV''positive  he is popular in bad image in society if such material is  repeatedly inserted or if there are other concevhs about edits 


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